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Essay Topics That Will Help You Write Exhaustive Essays

Essay Topics That Will Help You Write Exhaustive EssaysPaul Thomas Paine wrote a book entitled, Rights of Man. The book was a powerful criticism of Christianity and the American Civil Rights Movement. It was an indictment of both as being involved in a conspiracy against America. He later declared he was a Christian and had no problem with that but did not question the morality of his position on the Rights of Man.Paul Thomas Paine published the book entitled, Rights of Man, in 1960. He set out to give what he saw as the 'Right Answer' to the question, 'Why are there so many black men with higher IQs than white men?' The idea behind his book was that there was a conspiracy by the elite to keep black men from advancing through society.There was a race problem at the time and the concept of an American Race that is higher IQ than the rest of the world is based on their DNA. The idea is that if the genetics of a black and a white man is exactly the same then they will end up with simila r characteristics. This concept works for those who believe in racial differences, or those who believe there is a racial superiority to be shown in a white man.This idea is based on an individual level where certain characteristics are passed down from parents to children. There is no basis for one race being better or worse than another.Paul Thomas Paine believed that it was unethical to see the situation as being anything other than wrong. His book, Rights of Man, was published with this intention and the purpose of bringing light to the problem of unfairness between races.You can read the book Rights of Man and it provides some very interesting information, and in a way, it should be read by everyone who cares about equality. But the biggest point of it, is that it is not an admission of guilt, because that is where most of these arguments end up anyway.My favorite essay topics to use when writing essays are topics like these. The more generic the essay topic, the easier it is t o think of alternatives that show that it does not require too much thought.

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Conducting a management Project unit 5006 Free Essay Example, 4500 words

Conducting a management Project unit 5006 Outline: Introduction Project management overview Contents as per unit 5006 Conclusion Introduction: Project Management is nowadays getting more popularity since it is able to give solution to today’s competitive environment. The organization needs to introduce new innovations in product and service management more quickly due to the increased competition, changing customer taste, etc. in order to sustain in the market. Project management helps the organization in this regard to find out the solution for these problems in a scientific manner. The timely finish of successful projects requires an understanding of both the technical and human resource components of project management. The technical component is necessary to recognize the critical activities that influence the total length of time a project takes to finish. The human resource elements deal with the issues of headship and worker inspiration within a group or team atmospher e. Project Management overview: A project is an organized activity to accomplish an objective. It can be defined as a series of related tasks that are directed towards a common output which will be completed during a period of time. We will write a custom essay sample on Conducting a management Project unit 5006 or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now It is the planning, directing and controlling resources (people, equipment, material) to meet the technical, cost and time constraints of the project. Features of the Project Management: A project is a completely new task; thus there are no repetitive activities. It will be operated for the first time and the challenge cannot be predicted which may incur in future. The team members have to be conscious about their work and should monitor whether they can achieve the desired objective. Thus there will be continuous evaluation, monitoring, controlling till the project is completed. In short, we can say that the project management has taken place during the overall life of the project. New project team will be formed and after accomplishing its objective, it will be dispersed. Thus there will be more time required for the team members to perform effectively and there should be a conscious effort to ensure the participation of the team members by way of effective communication and motivation. Responsibilities of the project manager: Project managers characteristically have a distinctive role within the conventional organisation structure. Most project management squads are multidisciplinary in character, concerning a wide variety of abilities and organisational units.

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Murder within the Family - 3438 Words

This essay will explore how the media shapes the formal and informal policing of child murders within the family. Through case studies, an exploration of government policies and legislation, the essay will illustrate how the media has created moral panics around stranger danger, despite the fact that major harm to children is generally caused by families and their friends. Throughout our upbringing one is taught not to speak to strangers because they are the ones who are most likely to bring harm upon us. The people found most trustworthy are normally family members and family friends. Most people would, without a second thought trust their children’s life with family or friends. This essay will explore definitions of the family, moral panics, formal and informal policing. Furthermore, this essay will seek to address how the media is seen to be the fourth estate of power. It will also discuss the power of the media and how the media frames and shapes moral panics, which conseq uently might give a misleading picture of the situation, through the demonization of strangers and how the media labels individuals within society. Finally, in order to answer the above question, the essay will look into cases and legislation to identify how governmental agencies have failed children who are deemed at risk. Before being able to answer the question, ‘In what ways do the media shape the formal and informal policing of child murder within the family?’ one must define the key terms in theShow MoreRelatedMacbeth, By William Shakespeare849 Words   |  4 Pagesthe enemies and scoffs at attackers due to the prophesy that â€Å"none of woman born- Shall harm Macbeth† (4.1. 80-81). As evidenced by the play bearing his name, Macbeth is a major character. By committing vile murders as the protagonist, he is a classic anti-hero. Within the chaos, murder, and mutiny that surround Macbeth, he remains relatively static in his (or rather his wife’s) quest to garner lasting power on the throne. Macbeth only makes changes in accordance with the fulfillment of the witches’Read MoreThe Same American Phenomenon Of High Homicide Rates1549 Words   |  7 Pagesdebate. This paper will highlight the similarities and differences on the issue homicide rates within this country. The three sources are an article out of the Chicago Journal, â€Å"Homicide: Explaining America s Exceptionalism,† written by Eric Monkkonen, and the two books, American Homicide, by Randolph Roth, and Violent Land written by David Courtwright, are unified in their belief that the rate of Murder in the United States are exceptionally high for a developed Western nation. It is generallyRead MoreTruman Capote s The Cold Blood Essay1472 Words   |  6 Pagesreader to interpret. Capote’s narrative method allows the murders to be explained and rationalised within a framework of middle-class ideology and psychological analysis (Hollowell, 1997). Kazin (reference) conveys that the novel â€Å"In cold blood† creates a strong connection between the readers and characters within the novel through the use of novelistic techniques. In Cold blood provides facts and first-hand accounts of the murder of a wealthy family living in Holcomb, Kansas by two villains known as DickR ead MoreThe Relationship Between Herbert And Bonnie Clutter1399 Words   |  6 Pagesfamously known novel, In Cold Blood was written by Truman Capote and was published in 1966. The novel written by Capote was based on the 1959 murders of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas. The novel later became a classic 1967 film directed by Richard Brooks. Throughout the film and the book, one seems to notice the multiple differences that occurs within both. While some viewers and readers may debate about the similarities and differences of In Cold Blood film v. In Cold Blood text, one cannotRead MoreNarrative Essay1068 Words   |  5 Pages 4-3-12 English-110 Narrative essay Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice afterthought, and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter). As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, as well as the fact that the commission of a murder is highly detrimental to the good order within society, most societies both present and in antiquity haveRead MoreAnalysis Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks Of Honor Killings And Forced Marriages1519 Words   |  7 Pagesmarriage to a relative and then her escape to the Netherlands at the age of twenty-two in an effort to avoid this marriage where she was met with an entirely different culture where the pressure of the honor of the family was not forced upon females by both female and male parties within the family. She noted how Dutch women wore what they pleased, failed to have rigid curfews, had romantic relationships as they desired, and did not have to obey their male guardians in every aspect contrary to the adamantRead MoreEssay on Causes of Mass Murder1731 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of Mass Murder Crime Alvenia Gregory Argosy University Abstract This paper examines the act of mass murder. If society can find a valid answer as to what causes a person to commit mass murders, then the possibility of preventing the act would be great because it would be probable to recognize the psychotic behavior that is associated with mass murder. Occurrences of mass murder for instance the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado theatre; Columbine and Virginia Tech over and over againRead MoreAnalysis Of Chronicle Of A Death Foretold969 Words   |  4 Pages1499 The characterization of females within Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez’s â€Å"Chronicles of a Death Foretold† brings to light the ways through which machismo is established and maintained within the novel’s Latin American culture. Such characters bring to light women s exploitation under the influence of this patriarchy, as well as the many ways in which they resist its oppressive force. Marquez utilizes these characters and their gender roles within the Latin American context, allowing him to condemnRead More How Morality is Culturally Relative Essay example1468 Words   |  6 PagesHow Morality is Culturally Relative Abstract Within this world that we live in, there is an enormous amount of people. Each of these people belongs to different cultures and societies. Every society has traits and customs that make it unique. These societies follow different moral codes. This means that they will may have different answers to the moral questions asked by our own society. What I am trying to say is that every society has a different way of analyzing and dealing with lifes eventsRead MoreSef Gonzales923 Words   |  4 PagesSef Gonzales, aged 20, was convicted and sentenced in the Supreme Court of New South Wales to life imprisonment for the murder of his father Teddy Gonzales, 46, mother Mary Loiva Josephine, 43, and sister Clodine, 18. On July 10th 2001, at about 4.30pm Gonzales entered his sister Clodine’s bedroom, where she was studying. He was armed with a baseball bat and two large knives he had retrieved from the kitchen. It was found that he compressed Clodine’s neck trying to strangle her, struck her at least

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Public Health System and Policy Urban Areas

Question: Discuss about thePublic Health System and Policyfor Urban Areas. Answer: Introduction The public health issues are increasingly growing all over the world, and the governments are struggling with these health problems to keep their people healthy and safe. The main reason for the growing health issues is the violent and undisciplined lifestyle, which increasingly growing in the urban areas. Like any other developed countries, Australia is also facing difficulties in solving the public health issues. Among the issues, Australia is severely facing the problem of obesity as obesity is alarmingly increasing in Australian people (Baghbanian, Hughes, Khavarpour, 2011). Moreover, it is more alarming that the adults are passing on their bad habits to their kids thus; almost 1 in 4 means 27.4% children who are aged 5 to 17 years are obese or overweight. The Obesity is the major health issue for both men and women in Australia. In medical jargon overweight is the body condition when an individual's body weight is 10 to 20% higher in comparison to the ordinary people and body m ass index (BMI) is 25 to 30. In obesity, the scale is above 20% of average body weight, and BMI is above 30. Morbid obesity refers to the condition when an individual's body weight is 50 to 100 % over than the average body weight. The obesity is a primary cause of the cardiovascular diseases, and as per statistics cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases is the core reason of the increasing mortality rate of Australia and considered as the biggest killer in this country (McLachlan, 2010). The obesity invites many other dreadful diseases like hypertension, high blood sugar, diabetes and cancer; thus, the concern of the Australian government in order prevent obesity is increasing, and the government has taken several strategies to control the obesity rate in this country. In this report, the light will be dropped on the issue and the current public health policy and practices including sate, national and international health system structure to prevent this major health issue. Main Context Describe Public Health and its History As per the Australia system, the public health system must be determined to depict the issues. It becomes a part of the appropriate health contribution and for the treatment of the general public's which can be continued by regular diagnostic testing, and the routine health care must be maintained to carry out the appropriate treatment systems. But in the context of the patient and the clinical health care, the two components are notified which are involved with the determining the broader and the complex context (Bhuyan et al., 2015). Various other settings are assisted by the legislative, funding and the regulatory arrangements which help in the involvement of multiple providers. As per the World Health Organization, a health system is described as all the activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore and the maintain health with determining the health maintenance. The quality of the services provided to the people describes the good health system which is carried out in the context of the needs of the people and thereby the satisfaction can be seen as the enhancement of the context represented (Blanck Collins, 2015). The configuration of the services regarding the health care varies from country to country. Thereby the common elements are constructed for the enhancement of the mechanism that is built for the appropriate maintenance of the public safety and thereby by the educated workforce regarding the medical safety, and the development must be allocated for the enhancement with maintaining the facilities depicted by WHO. Australian health care system depicts the improvement with creating a multifaceted web for the public and the private providers and thereby all the settings illustrated supports the mechanism continued by the service providers (Brennan, Kemner, Donaldson, Brownson, 2015). The considerations are undertaken with depicting the values with involving the medical practitioners, nurses, allied and the other health professionals that are illustrated in this case. This helps in delivering the preventive services with depicting the view of the primary health and the emergency health services and thereby the treatments can be undertaken in an appropriate manner. The government of Australia also takes proper rehabilitation and the palliative care and thus the public health services seem to be enhanced with care (Connelly, Duaso, Butler, 2007). The individuals with the respective responsibilities are provided so that the appropriate conduct can be undertaken with considering the elements of the Australia's Health system. Henceforth the structure clearly depicts the history regarding the public health of Australia with representing the public health services provided by the government of Australia. Identifying Key Issues in Public Health Policy and Practice As per the structure of the Australia Government regarding the public health, various challenges are depicted regarding the funding and the delivery of the health care. The major problems are illustrated in this context represent the following that are described below:- The variation of the changes of the pattern regarding the demography and the disease patterns which are depicted with the consideration of the population ages, and the burden of the chronic illness that grows widely in Australia (Dean, 2016). The increment in the costs and the expenses that are depicted with the advancement of medical science and its technology. It thereby ensures the comprehensive, transparent and the efficient process for appropriate accessing f health strategies. Problems related to the health workforce supply and distribution depicted regarding the health services as depicted according to the current health policies (French Sherwood, 2011). The concerns related to the quality and the safety practices seems to be persistent which furthermore becomes an issue in for of public health Uncertainty is created regarding the public health, and the balance is depicted with the construction of the funding problems. Recognition of the invest problems relating to the health of the children and thereby the issues is represented. The role regarding the urban planning is depicted in creating healthy and sustainable communities as depicted in this case (Frieden, Dietz, Collins, 2010). Understanding the health and the equity in regarding the indigenous Australians are depicted which must assist the health care services. The issues regarding the bureaucratic policies are depicted with indicating the approach relating to the designing of the health system. Furthermore, apart from all the challenges mentioned above which are confronted by the Australian Government regarding the healthcare, the other major challenges are also depicted which indicates the funding and the delivery of the health care in Australia. The issue regarding the national leadership is also illustrated in this context of the health care system in Australia and thereby the delivery of inappropriate health care is undertaken with facing the challenges. Indigenous communities are established as a part of targeting population that is depicted in this context (Miller, 2010). It also helps in illustrating the inappropriate focus regarding the health care system in Australia which helps in determining the inadequate response to the challenges generated as per the Federal Government of Australia. With these challenges, mostly the indigenous community thrives off the facilities and thereby the imbalance in the health care system is depicted as per the government of Australia . The State, International and National Health Systems Structure Australia has one of the most accessible, comprehensive and affordable healthcare systems in the globe. The Commonwealth of health and ageing encourages good health and also ensures all people have access to family and health services including: Community and aged care services Children and family services Public health initiatives Pharmaceutical and Medicare benefits Healthcare and hospital funding Disability programs Emergency services for the people in the crisis Health services for Torres Strait and Aboriginal Islanders The Commonwealth has developed a policy of financing and leadership in the health matters and also focuses on the research, national information management, and public health areas. The territories and state are responsible largely for the delivery of the public sector health services and regulation of the health workers in private and public sectors (Baghbanian, Hughes Khavarpour, 2011). The territories and states deliver psychiatric hospital and public acute including dental health, environmental health programs, school health, child and maternal health. All government levels plus nongovernment and consumer sector have some role in providing or administering care, funding for older people. The aged care is regulated and financed by the Commonwealth government and is provided by the mainly nongovernment sector. The territories, states, and Commonwealth jointly administer and fund community care. The government of Australia has also taken many steps and implemented policies to preve nt obesity. The local government plays a significant role in the services provision, for example through responsibilities for hygiene and sanitation, water quality and food safety monitoring (Willis, Reynolds Keleher, 2012). The health care system of Australia is regarded as world care system regarding both its efficiency and effectiveness. The system is the mixture of private and public sector health services providers and range of regulatory and funding mechanisms: The primary role of the Australian government is to develop national policies, funding, and regulation Local, territory and state governments who are responsible primary for the management and delivery of the public health services and maintaining relationships with the private professionals and health professionals (Holtz, 2008). Private practitioners which include specialists, consultant physicians, and specialists For nonprofit and profit organizations and the voluntary agencies The government of Australia funding includes national subsidy schemes: pharmaceuticals benefits scheme, private health insurance rebate, and Medicare. Through taxes, people make their contributions, and Medicare levy is based on their income and private financing such as the private health insurance (Baghbanian, Hughes Khavarpour, 2011). Describing and Comparing Issues In Australia, the obesity is alarmingly growing, and approximately 50% or more than 50% people in Australia are suffering from obesity. According to the recent report, almost 2 in 3 adults in Australia are obese or overweight, which is 63.4% of total adult Australian people. Moreover, the rate of obesity is Australian people is growing disturbingly because if the current report is compared with the report of 1995, then it is observed that in last ten years, the obesity rate has been increased by 10%. Moreover, the most disturbing fact about obesity is almost 1 in 4 children are obese, which is 25% of the total children in Australia. Here it is also observed that the urbanization is growing day by day. The rural people intend to adopt the urban life, and for this reason, it is found that the people living in remote areas or outer region are obese or overweight in comparison to the urban people who are residing in the major cities of Australia (Orlowski et al., 2013). The current stati stics shows that the residents in the isolated people are 15% more obese than the urban people. The obesity is the cause of other dreadful diseases like hypertension, high blood sugar, diabetes, and cancer. The bad food habit of the Australian people is the main reason for increasing obesity. Besides this, the reducing exercise and hard work are also a cause of obesity. The overweight reduces the capability of chronic disorders. For the obesity there is 22% of Australian are suffering from cardiovascular diseases whereas around 280 Australian people develop diabetes each day, each in every 5 minutes. It is observed that 70.8% of adults men being overweight in comparison to the 56.3% women. The kids are also suffering from obesities, as the adults passing their bad habits to their children. Moreover, around one kid out of 4 kids suffering from obesity thus 27.4% of children in the age group of 5 to 17 are suffering from obesity (Sargent, 2011). The severe dietary is the key reason fo r the obesity of the reducing vegetable and fruits in the diet chart increased the fat in the body of the Australian people and growing obesity. 45 years and above people are mostly overweight in Australia. Analysis of the Health Policies The government of Australia has implemented many rules, regulations, and policies to control obesity. Under, eat well policy the government of Australia has focused on the following issues and has taken actions (Healey, 2009). Strategic Management Steering the implementation of NATSINSAP and EWA Developing policy for nutrition Managing partnerships Establishing criteria for the resource allocation Vulnerable Groups Promoting organizational service changes Addressing the structural barriers to healthy and safe food Influencing social policy Fruit and Vegetables Undertaking fruit and vegetables promotions Addressing structural factors that influence fruit and vegetable consumption Enhancing research Child and Maternal Health Improving nutrition for lactating and pregnant women Improving infant nutrition and promoting breastfeeding Research and Development Investing in health nutrition research Encouraging investment in private sector Promoting innovation Evaluation and Monitoring National nutrition and food control system Evaluating EWA The government has implemented many policies such as Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, Food Regulation 2002, National Primary Health Care Strategic Framework, Nutrition, health and related claims standard, Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy, Food Regulation 2010 under food act 2003, National Preventative Health Strategy, Healthy weight, Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas, Food and Nutrition Policy and Health Star Rating system (Lin, Smith and Fawkes, 2007). Tackling many public health threats and epidemics in the past has required the backbone of the hard policies around which the options can work in amplifying their effectiveness. The control of tobacco is a classic case, where adverting bans, smoke-free environments, and taxation served as the drivers for the changes in social marketing, education, and programs provided added value (Moodie, Daube Carnell, 2009). The legislation and policies for the prevention of obesity could not be aimed directly at physic al and eating activity behaviors. However, the rule-based approach likely to be powerful to change the social attitudes and norms. The government took the preventive actions are as follows: Funding "National Partnership Agreement on Prevention Health." Establishing "Australian National Prevention Health Agency." Launching social marketing campaign encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyle Reviewing clinical rules on obesity and new guidance for the consumers. The intervention should include hard paternalism regulation options such as regulation and legislation to make the environments for people less obesogenic (Whitney Rolfes, 2011). Conclusion The overall report depicts the significant health issues which have reached the health agenda of the Australian Government and thereby the proper explanation which is represented regarding the policy response illustrated in this context. The policy issues are also described with referencing to the federal government, and thus the both levels of the government policy and the roles are depicted with portraying the policy roles included by representing such problems related to the obesity is illustrated in this context (Murray Battista, 2009). The urbanization and health with the indigenous health are illustrated with the aging of the population. Henceforth the description and the comparison of the issues regarding the community health with taking determinants of health perspectives are illustrated in this context. The analyses of the selected policies are represented in according to the health plans depicted in this context of obesity. References Baghbanian, A., Hughes, I., Khavarpour, F. (2011). Resource allocation and economic evaluation in Australia's healthcare system.Australian Health Review,35(3), 278. Healey, J. (2009).The obesity epidemic. Thirroul, N.S.W.: Spinney Press. Holtz, C. (2008).Global health care. Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Lin, V., Smith, J., Fawkes, S. (2007).Public health practice in Australia. Crows Nest, NSW, Australia: Allen Unwin. Moodie, A., Daube, M., Carnell, K. (2009).Australia - the healthiest country by 2020. Canberra: Australian Government, Preventative Health Taskforce. Whitney, E. Rolfes, S. (2011).Understanding nutrition. Australia: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Willis, E., Reynolds, L., Keleher, H. (2012).Understanding the Australian health care system. Chatswood, N.S.W.: Churchill Livingstone. Baghbanian, A., Hughes, I., Khavarpour, F. (2011). Resource allocation and economic evaluation in Australia's healthcare system.Australian Health Review,35(3), 278. Bhuyan, S., Chandak, A., Smith, P., Carlton, E., Duncan, K., Gentry, D. (2015). Integration of public health and primary care: A systematic review of the current literature in primary care physician mediated childhood obesity interventions.Obesity Research Clinical Practice,9(6), 539-552. Blanck, H. Collins, J. (2015). The Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Project: Linking Public Health Initiatives and Primary Care Interventions Community-Wide To Prevent and Reduce Childhood Obesity.Childhood Obesity,11(1), 1-3. Brennan, L., Kemner, A., Donaldson, K., Brownson, R. (2015). Evaluating the Implementation and Impact of Policy, Practice, and Environmental Changes to Prevent Childhood Obesity in 49 Diverse Communities.Journal Of Public Health Management And Practice,21, S121-S134. Connelly, J., Duaso, M., Butler, G. (2007). A systematic review of controlled trials of interventions to prevent childhood obesity and overweight: A realistic synthesis of the evidence.Public Health,121(7), 510-517. Dean, E. (2016). Childhood obesity.Primary Health Care,26(8), 10-10. French, S. Sherwood, N. (2011). Linking Primary Care, Communities, and Families To Prevent Obesity among Preschool Children.Childhood Obesity,7(3), 237-239. Frieden, T., Dietz, W., Collins, J. (2010). Reducing Childhood Obesity Through Policy Change: Acting Now To Prevent Obesity.Health Affairs,29(3), 357-363. McLachlan, G. (2010). Reforms on the horizon for Australia's health system.The Lancet,375(9716), 712-713. Miller, M. (2010). Women and Health: Community Development, its Role in Health: The Future of Public Health Research in Australia.Community Health Studies,10(4), 417-418. Murray, R. Battista, M. (2009). Managing the Risk of Childhood Overweight and Obesity in Primary Care Practice.Current Problems In Pediatric And Adolescent Health Care,39(6), 146-165. Orlowski, M., Adkins, S., Ellison, S., Choh, A., Terwoord, N., Schuster, R. (2013). Assessment and Management of Adult Obesity in a Primary Care Practice.World Medical Health Policy,5(1), 19-36. Sargent, G. (2011). Successful treatment of childhood overweight and obesity in primary health care and appropriate outcome measures: Development of a logic model.Obesity Research Clinical Practice,5, 22.

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Manila free essay sample

Figure in state-space where the output is OL(t). 8. Show that the system in the previous Figure in the text yields a fourth-order transfer function if we relate the displacement of either mass to the applied force, and a third-order one if we relate the velocity of either mass to the applied force. 9. Find the state-space representation in phase-variable form for each of the system shown in the Figure. 10. For each system shown in the Figure, write the state equations and the output equation for the phase-variable representation. 11. Represent the following transfer function in state space. Give your answer in vector-matrix form. 12. Find the transfer function G(s)=Y(s)/R(s) for each of the following systems represented in state space. 13. Use MATLAB to find the transfer function, G(s)=Y(s)/R(s), for each of the following systems represented in state space. 14. Repeat problem 13 using MATLAB, the Symbolic Math Toolbox, and Eq. We will write a custom essay sample on Manila or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page (3. 73). 15. Gyros are used on space vehicles, aircraft, and ships for inertial navigation. The gyro shown in the Figure is a rate gyro restrained by springs connected between the inner gimbal and the outer gimbal (frame) as shown. A rotational rate about the z-axis causes the rotating disk to precess about the x-axis. Hence, the input is a rotational rate about the z-axis, and the output is an angular displacement about the x-axis. Since the outer gimbal is secured to the vehicle, the displacement about the x-axis is a measure of the vehicle’s angular rate about the z-axis. The equation of motion is: Jxd2Oxdt2+DxdOxdt+KxOx=JwdOzdt Represent the gyro in state space. 16. A missile in flight as shown in the Figure, is subject to several forces, thrust, lift, drag, and gravity. The missile flies at an angle of attack, a, from its longitudinal axis, creating lift. At the same time, the manipulator must provide sufficient force to perform the task. In order to develop a control system to regulate these forces, the robotic manipulator and the target environment must be modeled. Assuming the model in the Figure, represent in state-space the robotic manipulator and its environment under the following condition. a. the manipulator is not in contact with its target environment. b. the manipulator is in constant contact with its target environment. 22. In the past, Type-1 diabetes patient need to inject themselves with insulin three to four times a day. New delayed-action insulin analogues such as insulin Glargine require a single daily dose. A similar procedure to the one described in Pharmaceutical drugs absorption case study of this chapter is used to find a model in concentration time evolution of plasma for insulin Glargine. For specific patient State space model matrices are given by: Where the state vector is given by a. Find the system’s transfer function. b. Verify the result using MATLAB. 23. A linear, time invariant model of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of the endocrine system with five state variables has been proposed as follows: 4. In this chapter, we described the state-space representation of single input single output systems. In general, systems can have multiple inputs and multiple outputs. An autopilot is to be designed for a submarine in the Figure to maintain a constant depth under severe wave disturbances. We will see that this system has two inputs and two outputs and thus the scaler u becom es a vector, u, and scaler y becomes a vector, y, in the state equations. 25. Experiments to identify precision grip dynamics between the index finger and the thumb have been performed using a ball-drop experiment. A subject holds a device with a small receptacle into which an object is dropped, and the response is measured. Assuming a step input, it has been found that the response of the motor subsystem together with the sensory system is with the form: Convert this transfer function into a state-space representation. 26. State-space representation are, in general, not unique. One system can be represented in several possible ways. For example, consider the following systems: Show that these systems will result in the same transfer function.

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x generation essays

x generation essays Talking About My Generation I was born in 1980, which puts me in a category of the X-generation. As much as I despise to be categorized and stereotyped by the society, I cant help but to admit that there is some truth to a few traits about my generation. What is generation X? It seems we had to be called X-generation since we represent something negative to our parents and the world. We are the children of the 1990s. We are the MTV generation and the ones who came home after school and turn on the TVs or computers since there is no one to talk to. We are the product of the previous generation our parents and whether we like it or not, we are the present and the future and I think its about time we face the issues of our generation and deal with it. We are selfish, cynical and sad. Everything has always been provided for us. We never had to worry about where our next meal is going to come from. For that reason, we tend to take things for granted and no matter how many times our parents tell us about how tough it was for them to grow up in the 60s (especially my parents since they had to live through the post war period in Korea), we cant really know what it was like to be in their situation. When a person died, the old Greeks did not write an obituary but asked one and simple question, which was that if that man, or woman had passion while he/she was alive. We, the Xers, are passionless. We are left with the biggest debt in U.S history and the economy is stagnating. It is a fact that one out of every three college graduates between 1990 2005 is expected to take a job that does not require college degree. * The future seems bleak along with the fact that we will be forced to support the largest amount of senior citizens ever. It seems as though everything has already been set and decided...

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Assignment (primary research required) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Assignment (primary research required) - Essay Example The current paper, therefore, aims to look into the working environment of ADM Building and Property Services, a small-sized business in London, and identify their business behaviours and practises in relation to small business management. Primary Research: Interviews with ADM Building and Property Services Employees The following interviews were conducted among 5 employees, 4 managers, and the owner himself, and aimed to determine how business management has been integrated into their overall system, particularly their actual practises and attitudes. Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Small Business Management The first two questions were, however, focused on both the opportunities and challenges that are brought about by being in a small business. According to their responses: â€Å"Small businesses can be established at a low cost and even on a part-time basis. Because these businesses that are smaller in size, such as ours, have begun to adopt Internet marketing and have taken full advantage of the benefits that this offers, we have been to respond to specialized niches. Thus, we have been able to take action for what the marketplace demands of us†. â€Å"We have established strong relationships with our clients and customers; we have also been capable of identifying their needs and preferences so we can provide more individualized services. Due to such, we have attained a significant increase in development and accountability as well†. â€Å"Independence is a very important factor to consider when establishing a small business; this comes with the freedom to make our own decisions, take our own risks, and obtain the rewards for our efforts. There is the lack of constraints that are brought about by economic and other external factors. Nonetheless, allocating long hours for work and understanding that our clients are our bosses have always been a top priority†. â€Å"Most often, the problems we encounter are brought about by the pressures from competing with larger businesses. For instance, to find new customers has always been a great challenge for us. To establish a continual flow of business, it has always been very important to focus on marketing the services that we offer†. The Importance of Branding to Small Businesses The next questions focused on the actual management of business, including the importance of branding and the strategies that they use to develop their brand. Their responses included: â€Å"Branding is the image that the public has of our business; it does not necessarily refer to the brand that we aim to create but rather the perception of what others have of us. This perception can be affected by various aspects of our business, from the products and services that we offer to the marketing tools that we use†. â€Å"Internet usage has been of great importance to us, such as through social media and online search engines. Aside from reinforcing our brand, we also provide clear, relevant, and engaging information to our target audience. Marketing and advertising activities should always be integrated